goldminesdrama.com is a video hosting,sharing & Streaming website run by goldminesdrama.com is one of the biggest video sharing website not only in Pakistan but also in South-Asia,Europe,South-America region with serving millions of videos daily all around the world.At cloudypk.com people can make their own channels, connect with other friends by subscribing their channels and check activity to see what is happening at the site & Embeding videos to your site for free. Every user has a separate dashboard that could be used for creating , editing, assessing and watching media files & uploading own files apart from tracking their personal activity.




goldminesdrama.com is free of cost. People can upload as many videos as there is no limit to upload.




Salient Features:




Up to 2 GB video file uploading limit




User can upload 3 files at one time




User Site Activity (Who liked,suscribed you and who watched your video) etc




Streamable video files and players




Personal Channels with Social Media Activity (Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,Youtube)




Embed videos to your sites for free




Share social media links Like (Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,Youtube) on your channels




Content Partnership Program




Like,Suscribe Add watch later, Already watched and many other options




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