Sasural Simar Ka - ससुराल सीमर का - 10th June 2014 - Full Episode (HD)

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    Not willing to listen to what Roli has to say, Jwala Devi fires the gun but is shocked to see her son standing in front of Roli.

    Jwala Devi is stunned to see the bullet hitting her son and he collapsing to the ground.

    This enrages Jwala Devi's anger to no extent and she promises to give Roli a very painful death.

    But both Roli and Jwala Devi are shocked when her son mentions Jhumki's name.

    Hearing Jhumki's name, Roli tells Jwala Devi that Jhumki is in Mumbai.

    Before any help can arrive, Jwala Devi's son collapses and dies.

    Watch the episode and know what happens next.

    Sasural Simar Ka is the journey of an ordinary young small town girl, Simar, who has grown up with strong middle class values.

    Her life takes a sharp turn when her passion for dancing clashes with the conservative values of the middle class.

    She starts chasing her dream with support from her husband, but without letting anyone else in the family know.

    This hide and seek creates many challenging and interesting situations which are dealt with in a light hearted way.
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